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Advanced window film technology allows you to open the shades and brighten a room providing a natural light that won't hurt your eyes, heat reduction so it won't hurt your wallet, and UV protection so it won't hurt the furnishings.








Heat Reduction

Window film uses coated polyester layers and proprietary technologies to effectively block up to 80% of heat that would normally be transferred into the space via solar radiation. This attribute equates to a more comfortable space for the occupants as well as money saved by increasing the efficiency of your home or business. 

UV Ray Reduction

Harmful ultra violet rays are capable of doing harm to the interior surfaces of your home or office. Window film blocks up to 99% of these harmful and destructive rays. This will improve the life of your carpet, furnishings, and artwork that is normally attacked by these rays. Used by many retailers to protect merchandise in large storefronts.

Glare Reduction

When installed on glass, window film is nearly undetectable. However, it reduces the uncomfortable glare in your space by up to 60%, effectively preventing eye strain and fatigue. Take back control of that room thats always been to bright to enjoy comfortably, remove glare from TV screens and computer monitors, and increase clarity of your doors and windows.

Energy Savings 

Homes and business could see up to 50% savings in cooling costs. And with new 3M Thinsulate Films, designed to keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer, they could also see those savings in their climate control costs year round.




Our window films are utilized Alaska to Alabama and are designed to offer the same protection and peace of mind in all climates and temperatures. 




Reduce your home cooling energy usage and costs by up to 50%




We also offer commercial shades.


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