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Protect what matters.

Whether you're at home or the office, the glass of windows and doors are the weakest point of that structures integrity. Risk factors are especially varied and range from personal injury due to incidental shatter, to after hours forced entry and theft. Safety and security are easily and greatly improved with specially designed films installed by Allied. 




 About Security Film

  • Bonds directly to the glass utilizing proprietary adhesives, reinforcing the glass and holding it safely intact in case of shatter.
  • Forms a nearly invisible shield and deterrent, protecting occupants from intrusion or flying debris. 
  • Clear and tinted options for the custom application. 
  • Provides nonintrusive peace of mind by slowing attempted break ins and acting as a barrier to unlawful entry. 
  • Offers protection from harmful UV rays. 






An alarming 70% of unlawful entries in homes and businesses occur through the glass of the doors and windows of the structure. Security film can introduce a serious obstacle to an intruders preferred method of entry and ultimately and deter them, leaving only the damaged window. 









Added Safety and Peace of Mind

  • Keep employees, occupants, and loved ones safe by eliminating the threat of injury in the case of incidentally broken windows and doors.
  • Protect the interior of your home or place of business from flying objects in the event of abnormal high wind, strong storm, or tornado. 
  • Provides peace of mind when children are present knowing glass is impact resistant and shatterproof.
  •  Severely slow and ultimately deter attempted forced entry through the glass of windows and doors. 


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