Q: What is window film?

A: Window film is a thin, multi-layered transparent polyester material that incorporates the many different layers to control different properties, including Ultra-Violet (UV) light, heat, glare, privacy, safety, and security. Window film comes in a variety of performance levels and shades.

Q: Why window film?

A: Window film is nearly invisible, far more durable than most conventional window treatments, and provides more than just shade. Including customizable aesthetics,  energy efficiency, heat rejection, and increased safety. 

Q: What are the different shades of film.

A: Tinted Films are rated by percentage of light allowed to pass through the tint of the film. The lower the percentage, the less light transmitted, and the darker the film will seem from the outside looking in. 

Q: Is the film applied to the interior or exterior of the glass?

A: Generally speaking, most films are interior mounted. However, some speciality films are designed with extra durability to withstand the elements on the exterior of the structure. 

Q: Will window film change my view or darken the interior of my spaces?

A: Window film is nearly undetectable on the surface of the glass and is generally designed to enhance your view by cutting glare and increasing color saturation and depth. Natural light is still transmitted through the glass and enhance the rooms colors and appearance. 

Q: Will window film keep my glass from breaking?

A: No, while there are security films designed to make the act of breaking the glass significantly more difficult, no film will ever be able to completely prevent the breakage of glass panes. However, film will increase the safety of broken glass by hiding shards together into one sheet, less likely to injure.

Q: Can I install my own window film?

A: While there are no regulations from preventing you from doing so, hiring a professional with experience will lead to a higher quality film application and final appearance. 

Q: Will the installation be disruptive?

A: Window film installation requires no large or noisy tools, and is generally bale to be completed with little to no downtime or disruption to your home or place of business.

Q: How do I clean my windows?

A: You may clean your glass as as usual. The surface of the film is polyester and will scratch, so abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals are strongly advised against. Generally, a damp soft cloth will be all you need. 

Q: Is window film permanent?

A: A strong adhesive is implemented between the film and glass, and will provide you with several years of use. However, the film is able to be removed at any time.

Q: Does Allied offer a warranty?

A: Yes, Allied offers a lifetime warranty on all residential films we sell and install, commercial warranties vary.